DPMS .308


Using the .308/7.62x51 long range cartridge our magazine

fed sniper rifle is intended for those looking for a weapons system

designed for combat and hunting situations requiring extremely long

range accuracy, reliability, and portability.

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    The Ghost Guns Long Range Heavy Hitter is 100% Made In America and everything you would want from a true DPMS Style 7075-T6 .308 AR10 80% lower receiver. Featuring a wide shelf to ensures it matches your upper.

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    Our Easy To Use Heavy Duty Multiple Use DPMS 308 Jig is a builder friendly jig for both home builders and mill professionals. This high end 80% Jig includes features such as hardened steel plates and drill bushings for precision, durability, and repeatability on multiple lowers. Additionally every part is interchangeable and replaceable. Order with our...

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    Our DPMS 308 Gen3 PRS (Precision Rifle / Sniper) stock kit is a SR25/M110 drop-in designed for maximum performance / usability with the DPMS 308 7.62x51 AR platform. The kit includes a buffer, spring, rifle length tube, and the infamous Magpul PRS stock. Designed to offer the fine-tuned, customized feel of a precision target stock, the PRS is adjustable...

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    The Ghost Guns DPMS 308 Precision Sniper Lower Parts Kit (LPK) includes USA made mil-spec parts needed to build a complete DPMS 308 Rifle - our lower parts kit includes the ERGO Tactical Precision Rifle Grip with overloaded rubber and featuring a removable palm shelf which fills the web of the hand and sets the hand further to the rear for better trigger...

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    The Ghost Guns 18" Long Range Complete 308 Upper receiver features a custom built integrated upper receiver and KeyMod hand guard system. This extremely rigid design allows for the strongest handguard mounting platform that can accommodate a multitude of attachments and optic requirements. The hand guard system is a true free-floated system, giving the...

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    The Ghost Guns HiperTouch Competition Trigger is designed for both of our AR15 and DPMS 308 lower receivers.  Pull weight is easily adjusted with three different weight springs that come included with each trigger.  Used in match rifles, this is the best trigger upgrade you could have for a great value.  Featuring a straight trigger bow and each one...

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