300 AAC


Our 300 AAC was created to be the hardest hitting weapon system

for close to mid range (up to 300 yards) situations. It's purpose is

to achieve ballistics similar to the AK47 using the 300 AAC

(7.62x35mm) caliber in standard AR15 mags. 

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    This Upgraded AR lower parts (LPK) bundle is USA made of high quality parts and includes all necessary components for a complete lower parts kit. The bundle leaves nothing out, included is our favorite, latest and popular ERGO Ambidextrous grip.

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    The Ghost Guns 300 Blackout Aero Upper Receiver is the perfect finish for your pistol build.  You can add on a complete bolt carrier group, extended charging handle and even back-up sights to make it complete.  Featuring an 8" barrel with full picatinny rail on top and M-Lok attachment ability on the sides and bottom. 

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    The Ghost Guns HiperTouch Competition Trigger is designed for both of our AR15 and DPMS 308 lower receivers.  Pull weight is easily adjusted with three different weight springs that come included with each trigger.  Used in match rifles, this is the best trigger upgrade you could have for a great value.  Featuring a straight trigger bow and each one...

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    The exclusive Ghost Guns AR15 300 Blackout Pistol Blade Stock Kit includes all the buffer/stock components.  A compatible Mil-Spec sized pistol receiver tube along with Shockwave Technologies Blade Pistol Stabilizer. Designed for light, fast action.  The pistol stabilizer is Veteran designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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    The black Hexmag 10/30 magazine features the True Riser System introduced and Patent Pending by Hexmag.  Making it legal in states with high capacity magazine laws.  The magazine itself is made out of lightweight, impact resistant, reinforced polymer.

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    Our Easy To Use Jig is a builder friendly jig can be used for AR15 and 300 Blackout Projects (FCG pocket is the same on both). All of the parts that come into contact with cutting tools are made out of solid steel. Order with our Drill Bit Kit and receive a $15 discount

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    The Ghost Guns Flagship Billet AR15 80% Lower Receiver - is a step above the rest featuring an already milled out rear takedown pocket and only requires the milling of the rest of the fire control group chamber and the three trigger assembly holes.

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