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    We only carry what we trust and we trust the Taser Pulse to protect our employees.  It's not considered a deadly weapon so they can conceal and carry just about anywhere, check your local laws.  We've tested it on the boss just to make sure it works by giving him 3 seconds, Taser Pulse is capable of a full 30 seconds, and made sure it'll do the job to...

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    As our first Guntraband™ shirt the design attests to our championing of unrestricted freedom - that anything less would not constitute liberty but rather lead a path to slavery. It is also a promise to keep fighting and call to action to others to undergo the fatigue of supporting what we all hold dear.

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    American’s have been building their own unserialized and unregistered weapons since the foundation of our nation. Building your own rifle from an 80 percent lower receiver is a practice that stems from the 2nd Amendment of our constitution - and doing so without the government involvement is the idea behind “shall not be infringed”.

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    Just like ammo, it's always good to have plenty of extra.  Here's a pack of two live cartridges for the Taser Pulse.  The Taser Pulse already comes with two, we highly suggest using one as practice, just as you would with any other weapon.  That leaves you with one live cartridge, so you might as well have two extra stored away just in case.  Plan for the...

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items