AKM AK47 Russian Furniture


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Wood furniture kit professionally restored to Eastern bloc specification or comblock spec by our in-house expert.  All of our sets are meticulously inspected and finished giving you the best look on the market.

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Ghost guns, in collaboration with our Kalashnikov experts, is offering, Soviet bloc, AKM-47/AK 74 wood sets that we have hand selected from the finest suppliers for our customers. We've decided to carry stocks with lightning cuts most commonly seen on AK74 due to the higher availability of more modern produced sets. The hand guards can be both vented or unvented while the unvented hand guards weren't issued until post 1974 or with the AK 74 they are often seen being issued interchangeably on both AK-47 and AK 74.

Sacrificing a little bit of the inner purist for functionality and fashion is a decision we decided we would have to live with. Coloration and patterns are subject to availability and often change however the classical look so well known throughout the world of the Russian laminated stocks remains the same. Traditionally a process achieved by combining alternating dark and light layers of wood laminate obtained from arctic birch with red color pigment being added to the glue in between the laminate layers that gives it that trademark red glow regardless of the woods’ perceived coloration. Someone once told me that 90% of a rifle is in its finish, and I would say that 80% of that 90 is in the furniture.